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Little Bear Creek Alpacas

Single-ply, bright multicolor
2 ply 2 ply

2 ply 2 ply

center pull ball center pull ball

I'll spin, you win!


Pricing: $35 a pound for most yarns
Very thin yarns are more and plying costs more depending on the diameter of the yarn desired. thins take way more time, thus they will cost more.
Call for Details: 814-788-0971

Service Description

I will hand spin your roving into singles, 2 or 3 ply yarns of various thicknesses. Art yarns and up to one pound of continuous strand ball can be made. Yarn can be put into center pull balls or skeined with your labels indicating yardage and weights. Fancy plying can be done incorporating roving, thin yarn or thread, curls or other fibers to create unique art yarns.

Terms of Service

You provide all fibers and labels. Ship to my address. Return shipping will be included in final bill.
Fast turn around depending on the season.