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Little Bear Creek Alpacas

Triangle Loom Weaving

Pricing: $75 per person, travel extra
Call for Details: 814-788-0971

Service Description

I will provide up to 7, 4' table triangle looms with stands to your location. (Must be within driving distance). I will instruct weaving on the triangle loom as participants weave their own shawl that they will take home with them. The class requires 8 hours of guided instruction time and can be completed in one long day with a lunch break, two days back to back, or two non consecutive days depending on the proximity to the farm.

I provide the looms, weaving sticks, clamps and blocks to wrap fringe onto when making it.
Students need a pair of scissors, two crochet hooks, one around a size b and another suitable to the thickness of the yarns selected and 4-5 skeins of various shades of yarn for their wrap.
Yarns recommended: Bright colors and thicker yarns make it easier for the beginner.

Terms of Service

Wraps must be completed in the time provided. Help will be provided to those who get behind.

Travel fee is 0.55 per mile plus housing if overnight is needed.